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How to Manage Social Media for Business in Only 18 Minutes a Day

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August 8, 2016
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December 4, 2016
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Spending under half an hour a day managing social media may sound like a tall order, especially considering that an average user spends approximately two hours per day on social. But if you’re in charge of multiple marketing activities for your company, you may not have that much time on your hands to dedicate to social.

Let’s say you’ve only got a measly 18 minutes—it’s going to be tight, but we’ve got a plan we think can work for you.

In this guide we will go over how to maximize your time on social using Hootsuite and stay laser focused on your daily objectives.

18-minute-a-day social media plan

8 minutes: Listen

Social listening is about catching the conversations happening around your brand. It allows you to improve your customer service, get customer feedback, learn more about your competitors, and find new leads. It’s an essential part of your daily routine.

Where do you start? You can track keywords, hashtags, mentions, and messages for your brand and competitors. In Hootsuite, you can set up specific streams for your social networks.

Learn how to get even more out of Hootsuite with free social media training from Hootsuite Academy.

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